Why switch to Eco-Healthy Eating?

Nowadays, enough buzz is created to make people aware of the fact that living an eco-lifestyle is the only way to endure life on this planet. But what most people do not know is that nearly one-fourth of the total harm done to the environment is because of their eating habits.

The diets today are full of unhealthy choices which not only deteriorate the health of individuals but also of the environment. Consuming the added sugar that is present in most foodstuffs

Why Live an Eco-Lifestyle?

After bringing this planet close to extinction, humans have a golden opportunity to reverse some of the damage done to their environment. This opportunity is nothing but living an eco-lifestyle; putting into practice the simple eco-friendly activities which make people and the environment healthy.

Living an Eco-Lifestyle has numerous personal, social, and environmental benefits. For example, when you start covering small distances by walking or cycling instead of by car,

Eco-Healthy Eating University is an initiative of RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart), which will help you learn the best and most feasible methods to eating eco-friendly foods. This information will help all taking this course to live a healthy, disease-free, and long life.
No matter if you are a newbie or already an eco-individual, Eco-Healthy Eating University makes sure that you learn everything about eco-friendly foods; where to get those foods, how to prepare eco-healthy dishes, how to consume them, and much more.

All the learning at this university is online which means that you can learn everything at a self-determined pace and schedule. There is no need to follow a timetable to pursue this course – you can learn whenever you get time. This is because the primary aim of Eco-Healthy Eating University is to help you understand and assimilate all the information you can about eco-healthy eating.

The unique features of this university include live interactive webinars where you can attend informative question and answer sessions. Also, you can share your eco-healthy experiences with the experts and several other eco-individuals. It is relatively simple to enrol in this university, you just need to visit RLGS’s website and follow some simple steps.

The number of people interested in generating eco-friendly habits is quite high; but what demotivates them is the unavailability of necessary information. It leads to misleading thoughts such as that living an eco-lifestyle is a costly affair; that an eco-lifestyle kills your social life, and many more. In order to bring clarity and motivate people to do good for themselves and the environment, RLGS launched Eco-Individual University.

Eco-Individual University is a unique learning source where existing, as well as prospective eco-individuals, can learn how to live an eco-lifestyle. All the relevant information about living an eco-lifestyle and the answers to all eco-lifestyle related questions – such as why and how to conserve rainwater, why and how to use the sun’s energy, and many more are provided here.

Here, you will learn how to live an eco-lifestyle even when you do not know anything about it at first. The only requirement is zest to enhance your life and do what’s good for the environment. No matter if you are an Eco-Newbie, Eco-Intermediate or Eco-Expert, this university has something for everyone.
All the learning at Eco-Individual University happens within a self-determined budget and at a self-determined pace. Moreover, the live interactive webinars, informative question and answer sessions, and amazing discounts make it hard to resist.

Eco-Individuals living an eco-lifestyle are not the only ones doing great things for the environment, people helping them to live an eco-lifestyle are also equally aiding the environment. Those helping eco-individuals successfully live an eco-lifestyle are known as Eco-Suppliers.

Eco-Suppliers are the innovators, manufacturers or the suppliers of eco-products. It is because of the eco-products supplied by them that eco-individuals can have complete success in living an eco-lifestyle. But, most eco-suppliers of today are not aware of the latest and reliable methods to advertise their eco-products. This, on the one hand, is a stumbling block to having more and more people living an eco-lifestyle and on the other hand, is also decreasing the earnings of eco-suppliers.

As a solution to both these major issues, RLGS has introduced Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University where eco-suppliers learn the best and most-effective ways to promote their eco-products. Whether you have just started supplying eco-products or have been in this business for many years, this university enlightens you with measures to attract an ever-growing eco-audience.

The advertising methods taught at the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University are not meant to work for just certain types of eco-suppliers. Whether you are an eco-supplier with a small or big advertising budget, the knowledge here applies to all.

Sometimes acquiring the knowledge does not bring results because the accurate implementation of that knowledge is equally important for success. This is true in the case of eco-suppliers because most remain so busy with their eco-products that they hardly get any time to advertise their products. And if somehow, they get time and prepare an advertising strategy, it does not always succeed because of incorrect implementation.

Realising this and to help eco-suppliers, RLGS has launched the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership which gives eco-products of eco-suppliers ample exposure. This membership lessens the advertising pressure on eco-suppliers and allows them to concentrate on their eco-products.

When such a facility is provided to eco-suppliers, you stop relying on the same old advertising methods and promote your products in a unique way. The main component of this membership is “Sets” and depending upon the size of the business, an eco-supplier can select the number of “Sets” they want to subscribe to.
Note that “Sets” is the unique advertising strategy of RLGS that contains the most reliable and successful advertising methods. With each “Set”, eco-products of an eco-supplier are promoted via Radio Advertisements, Website Banner Advertisements, Radio Discussions, and through Omni-Channel Promotion. The principal characteristic of this advertising membership is that eco-suppliers who have just started can also promote their products in the same manner as established eco-suppliers.

Advertising Agency

After preparing the advertisements carrying messages and offers about their clients’ products, advertising agencies require the relevant platforms on which to publish them. In the case of preparing advertisements for the eco-product(s) of eco-suppliers, advertising agencies require the best platforms with an eco-audience.

To fill this need, RLGS has an Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Agency Membership which any advertising agency can enrol in. This membership helps advertising agencies promote their clients’ eco-products on all the platforms RLGS has access to. Now, there will be no need to search for eco-audience platforms.

By paying a discounted enrolment fee, these agencies get access to “Sets” – the unique advertising strategy of RLGS. The major benefit of this membership for advertising agencies is that they can allocate any number of “Sets” to their clients, there are no limitations for advertising agencies. Yes, this membership gives advertising agencies the freedom to allocate single or multiple “Sets” to eco-suppliers.

The Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Agency Membership is a guarantee that all the advertisements of eco-suppliers will be advertised to an ever-growing eco-audience. Advertising agency staff can give a sigh of relief that all the Radio Adverts, Website Banners, Radio Discussions, and other kinds of advertisements they have prepared for their eco-supplier clients, get the right exposure.

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